What is digital marketing ? is it next big thing ?

What is digital marketing? Does the common question come when people thinking about their marketing plan? many here may have some idea about the buzz-word Digital Marketing . different people may have different opinions but at the end, they were pointing to the same direction. Many of you think digital marketing means marketing online, well this is not really is.

Digital means something is done with the power of electrical technology in many years we have evolved and invented many unexpected technologies and build many devices on it  and its term came in between the digital.

Marketing is something which is coming way beyond the digital inventions it’s the phenomenon of selling the products with the good ideas and skills and ultimately it use some medium to get perform

In the process of evolution, people started using the Digital Technology for marketing like it may have come 1st on the radio, when it invented people were advertising and spreading their brands on radio then Televisions came in place and the advertising market started making its presence all over the television network and we all know its trillion dollar industry worldwide, same way Digital Banners and other media get involved in this industry.

1989 internet started rolling out and latter decade the marketing industry went to the new tech in the society. As the internet became bigger so the investment in marketing with the internet gets bigger.

It’s simple to understand that anyone want to invest something on marketing they will invest where there is a potential customer to convert it into profit this generation is more dedicated to the internet and the Social Media .

More than 40% population of the world is on the internet, 80% of Internet users owns the smartphone. for over 100 billion email sent and received per day. Facebook has 1.55 billion monthly active users.

The Internet is dominating the market. It’s time to move on with it Marketing or targeting people’s on the Internet and convert them into a profitable customer is Internet Marketing.

The modern Internet Marketing is most people consider as the term Digital Marketing which is not wrong because it’s based on digital technology. It involves many terminologies I have mentioned some of them below

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Online Reputation Managment
  • Growth Hacking
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Content Marketing

We all know how powerful a content can be. It provides us knowledge and lead us to a some certain path. it’s all about the content since it started. we use content to market anything whether that content can be an Article, Image, Video, Infographics, etc. we use it as a reference to educate ourselves about any Idea, Brand or Product  it can be anything.

in the current world, just the approach changed people use Search Engines to get knowledge it’s just an easy medium to find the content. so it is very necessary to understand how we can optimize our content so it will get found on this search engines. I have written What is SEO ? the best way to get free organic traffic  for people who are new to this marketing techniques.

there is a science behind marketing anything online  which is evolving in past few years. it involves people’s psychology and the behavior of their action on the internet, Social media is having its own stand in all this they have the great population on the internet and can affect the market tremendously it is important to get over it with good knowledge and make it as your must have ingredient for getting success with Digital Marketing.

Most of the business found that they are having good returns after they started implementing DM strategies for their business. some business boosted dramatically when they switch to the DM.

for the people who are thinking Digital Marketing as a career then this is the right time to get into it many of the business and the Digital Marketing Agencies require the Digital Marketer who can handle the various task on behalf of their clients

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Amit Mali
Digital Marketing Consultant at ClaudBricks
Amit Mali is a Digital Marketing Consultant at Empress Nashik based Digital Marketing Agency Claudbricks. He's the prime mover of Claudbricks, who offers digital marketing solutions and Cord increase they believe on the internet resulting technologies.
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