What is SEO ? best way to get free organic traffic

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the common question around the community who is trying to put their content or business online they  heard the term from many others some of them might know it roughly but they do miss something. Well in this article we are going to understand basic need of SEO. IT is also the important branch of digital marketing. please go through What is Digital Marketing if you have no idea what I’m talking about

We can get the some meaning from the term Search Engine Optimization that it something related to the Search Engines. well, them it will be easier to understand What is SEO? if we understand What is Search Engine?

Search Engine is a program which is developed to find the content on the internet or Word Wide Web (WWW).

The search engine uses various algorithms to filter the result found by the program so that a possible result expected by the user for his Search Query will get shown on top.

Now when we have got a rough idea of what is Search Engine we can understand that there is we can get into what is SEO.


in this way, your content is served to the user who is really in a need of that so no worry of fake leads to your business as the result more is the chance of he will get became a customer and will help you to earn some bucks.

The result produced by the search engine for the query except paid results are called as organic results and traffic came from those results is an organic traffic.

There are several ways to optimize the content for search engines so they will get showed up as an organic result they are categories in two categories

  • On page
  • Off Page

If you thinking of SEO following are some Tips for better SEO

  • Keyword plays the vital role in the search term
  • Use keywords in the page URLs, article beginnings and H2 tags.
  • Titles should be more relevant to content and should use keyword
  • Links a are helpful if they use keyword in it
  • Speed is responsible for the ranking against the competitor,Quick page loading (check using the PageSpeed Insights tool)
  • Well structured directories of website help Search Engines find your content easily
  • Images with the alter tag
  • Backlinks back your content and help Search Engine for decision-making
  • Google prefer mobile friendly websites
  • Content is a King
  • Content with clear motive and robust help to improve engagement
  • Content length more that 500+ words can make the trick

Some Facts

  • There are more than 1.4 billion Searches every hour
  • More than 80% users use search
  • Google owns more than 70% search engine market
  • Nearly half of the word population is active on the Internet
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